NCDEX Revised Transaction Charges

NCDEX recently announced a revision in transaction charges, after it had previously decided against new transaction charges in the beginning of January due to opposition it received from the FMC.  NCDEX notified the FMC on Tuesday of the revised transaction charges, and states it complied with all of the rules and the charges have been approved by the NCDEX Board.  As of yet, officials of FMC have been unavailable for comment.

NCDEX proposed a uniform charge of Rs 3 per Rs 1- lakh of value of all trades in all commodities from 1000 hours to 1700 hours.  Additionally, a uniform charge of Rs 0.05 per Rs 1-lakh of value of all trades in all commodities after 1700 hours until the end of trading has been also been proposed. These revised transaction charges will take effect Today.

It should also be noted that the Annual Advance Minimum Transaction charges will remain in effect.  

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